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Corporate Wellness Day's

A happier and more productive workforce

It seems obvious but wellness in the workplace has for many years been overlooked by many employers. Hard work was often rewarded with drinks and a night out. While this maybe a fun way to celebrate success at work it is a short fix and unlikely to improve employee health and overall happiness.

Work life can be very demanding and stressful often with long hours spent sitting at computer screens, to then be faced by commuter journeys and busy home lives. It is no wonder statistics show that in the U.K. 57% of ill health missed work days are due to stress. This tension can manifest and coupled with the large amounts of sedetary work it is no surprise to learn that 25% of absence is due to muscular skeletal problems such as bad backs and neck issues.

The need to offer employees simple sustainable solutions to improve their work life seems clear and obvious, after all it is a win for everyone, improved health and happiness means less days lost and higher productivity. Simple.

So how do we implement this so called wellness in the corporate environment. There are lots of things that can be done from offering healthy food options, gym membership, flexible working hours, lunchtime walks, yoga sessions, meditation, the list goes on.

Often it is getting started that can hold up the process.

Why not offer a Wellness Day?

This is a great start to kick off the well-being at work program and the new healthier workplace you want to create for your team. This can take place in the office and does not need to be an away day. It can be a one off experience or it can involve more regular sessions to keep the momentum and instil the ethos of a happy and healthy working environment.

What is a Wellness Day?

This is tailor made to suit your your work place and employee's requirements and can include;

  • Postural Training - this involves several helpful tips to correct postural bad habits caused by long hours spent at a desk and computer work.

  • Desk Yoga Stretches - this is a routine of chair and office based stretches. You will learn different ways to stretch and release tightness and tension caused by sedentary desk work.

  • Guided Mindful Meditation - this is a opportunity to take a complete mental break from the working day. A chance to switch off and be guided in a relaxing meditation to achieve a feeling of peace and calm.

  • Indian Head Massage - this is a blissful way to relax and find some tranquility in the working day. Indian head massage is offered in approximately 10 minute per person sessions, it takes place seated, fully clothed and uses no oils so you can return to your day with only the feeling of tranquility.

  • Yoga sessions - Yoga offers a holistic approach to well-being, the sessions are aimed at all levels and abilities and involve simple all over body stretches, strengthening and balancing. The focus is on breathe and movement to allow time to be in the body and release held tension and create balance and calm.

All wellness days are adapted to your working environment and your employee's needs. All sessions and timings are flexible to fit perfectly into your chosen day, be it a regular slot or one off experience. Sessions can be led in your office or as part of a corporate away day or event.

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For more information and prices please contact Sam

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"This year at our annual staff event we had had a wellbeing focus,  and Sam was recommended as being able to run classes in meditation, mindfulness and positivity, as well as head massages.

Feedback from our staff on her sessions excellent. Staff felt that that the classes were inclusively pitched at all levels. The classes were both informative and productive helping to stretch some muscles and learn something new. The yoga desk stretches class helped to shed some light on the bad habits we have when sitting at our desks at the same time it was also really enjoyable! Sam also provided head massages that were extremely relaxing and not at all intrusive."

Nicola Kent

Strategic Lead for OD YMCA St Pauls Group

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