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Online Corporate Wellness 

A happier and more productive workforce

Many companies are embracing working from home following the enforced measures of lockdown. Businesses and employers are now encouraging more staff to continue home working and it has become clear that productivity has not suffered. In turn many companies have begun to look at new ways to support their employees and improve their working lives and overall wellness.

This new and progressive approach to the way we work is without doubt a positive result to the Covid-19 crisis as companies have seen employees embracing working at home, enjoying the flexibility and elimination of tedious travel. However, it is not necessarily for everyone, for some employees working from home can be difficult and isolating, and they miss the human connection of the workplace. Whether working at home is a positive move or a restrictive and lonely experience, we must also take in account the workload has not reduced and stress levels and work pressure are still evident in many peoples lives.


Keen to reduce stress and make working life a happy and productive place more and more enlightened companies are beginning to see the benefit to supporting their staff with wellness sessions. These sessions not only gives their teams a chance to break from their work but also the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a stress free enviroment.

Corporate Online Wellness Sessions include a variety of different classes tailored to specific needs, for example; time of day, length of session and all-inclusive ability levels.

Sessions available: 

  • Yoga 

  • Meditation

  • Desk Stretches 

  • Posture at Work training Classes

To support the sessions a worksheet of postures, stretches, advice and tips can be offered. This helps to include those who may have had to miss the session. This is particularly helpful as reminders for good posture as so much of the working day is spent sitting at computer screens. 

These sessions can be booked arranged weekly or as one off sessions perhaps as part of a Wellness week and are offered via the Zoom platform.


Colleagues are able to meet in a relaxed non-work space to practice together, boosting morale and keeping that all important connection with one another, something that can be lost when working in isolation at home away from the social working environment.


If you are working in, or running a business that you think maybe interested in any of these sessions, please get in touch with Sam.

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