Online Yoga Video's

Firstly I hope you are all well, safe and coping in these incredibly unusual and difficult times. It is a whole lot of adjustment and constant adapting to new and quite challenging circumstances. 

I am sure you have read so many articles, offering advice and opinions some serious, some helpful some humorous and some down right useless. Anyway something that seems to be generally agreed upon is keeping the mind and body fit and healthy.

So I have made several online yoga classes that are available here for you to view. They are rather, shall we say amateur and slightly awkward (I have never done anything like this before and it's way out of my comfort zone) but never the less its something I am going to share with you because maybe it will help you or someone in your household to have a bit of time out and find some yoga calm, move your body and release some tightness. 

These videos are available to you for no charge but if you feel you are in a position to and wish make a donation of £7.00 this can be done via BACs (let me know if you need details) or via PayPal on


Most importantly please enjoy some yoga time! Share it with anyone you think may benefit.


I would love to hear how you get on so please let me know.

Take care, stay well.


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