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Private Classes & 1-2-1

Looking for a yoga class to suit your needs and ability?

New to yoga and want to get a handle on the basics?

Beginners yoga that goes at your own pace?

Need a class that fits in with your busy schedule?

Want an alternative lunchtime at the office?


A private class could be the answer!



Private Groups

Host a private yoga class at your house or office. You may have a specific areas you want to focus on, for example, yoga for beginners, cyclists, runners, stressed out & needing some 'me' time.



A yoga class tailor made for you. Ideal for those who want to kick start their yoga practice, are recovering from injury, have limited mobility or simply need time to themselves.


Corporate Lunchtime Classes

A chance to break from the working day, these 45 or 60 minute classes are designed to promote wellbeing, reduce stress and boost energy and productivity levels.

For more details, prices and to arrange times email :

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Yoga pose demontrations
Yoga equipment

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Lao Tzu

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